About Us


Our mission is to promote fishing through education, fellowship, and by providing opportunities for competition while supporting local fisheries and charities. As one of the first clubs in the country our legacy is about bass fishing and providing a positive civic reputation.


The Bloomington Normal Bass Club provides its membership with a monthly forum in which every member is given the opportunity to keep up to date with current events and voice any questions or concerns. The Club meets the first Wednesday of every month at Hamilton & Sikora, 8 Westport Court Bloomington, IL 61704 At 6:30 PM.


St Jude Bloom 12Bloomington Normal Bass Club has always been a cornerstone of the local community. We, as a club, have invested our time, money, and sweat on numerous projects through the years. These have included clean-up projects of local waterways, construction of handicap accessible fishing docks, and installation of lighting at local lake ramps. Above all else we believe in investing in the community’s youth through a number of efforts. One of those is the Annual Charity Tournament.


youthWe at Bloomington Normal Bass Club believe that in order for our sport to grow and strive, we should do everything in our power to include the youth in our activities. Accordingly, we host a free annual youth fishing seminar at Miller Park. The seminar takes place on the first two Mondays in June.

The first night we instruct the kids about safety,conservation, knot tying, and various types of tackle to use based on the species they are angling for. The second night we let the kids employ the skills they previously learned. We have a fishing derby where prizes can be won in various age groups.

The event is sponsored by Bloomington Normal Bass Club and the Mclean County Sportsmen’s Association. Participants receive tackle packs and a cookout after the derby. This event is free, and open to the public. Check our calendar of events for more details on this, and other programs.



IHSAA word from Fred Myers, BNBC Youth Director:
“In 2009 the IHSA introduced bass fishing as a sport to the students of Illinois. This is the greatest thing that could have happened to our sport. It gives us the opportunity to pass the torch to our youth. We at Bloomington Normal Bass Club are proud to be a part of this opportunity. We get the pleasure of teaching the youth how to succeed on and off the water with seminars, meetings, and time in the boat.”

Terry Brown, BNBC member and founder of the IHSA angling program had the following to say:
“The Bloomington Normal Bass Club has been a beacon to the rest of the state on involvement and creative programs that have helped the IHSA make this program a leader for high school activities. Leaders like Jerry Martoglio, Freddy Myers, Scott Bree, James Hurt and Eric Varner gave not only of their time, but their expertise and organizational skills to make this a very special program. The entire club has set an example for other clubs in the state to prepare young anglers for Sectionals and State Competitions and for life. Thanks Bloomington Normal Bass Club for everything you do.”


stockingFish stocking is very important to the Bloomington Normal Bass Club. The Club has a longstanding position that highlights conservation, recreation, youth, and stocking. A club that is over 40 years old, like Bloomington Normal Bass Club, can make a significant difference. Stocking of both Lake Bloomington and Lake Evergreen has shown to be effective. Combined with habitat restoration and creation, it has made both lakes excellent fisheries.

We are currently in year two of a five year program stocking Lake Bloomington with smallmouth bass. Combined efforts of the Bloomington Normal Bass Club and the Lake Bloomington Homeowners Association has made that possible. Lake Bloomington is an excellent smallmouth habitat and once held the state record by a long time club member Terry Gibson. We hope to see that happen again.

Its more than just tournaments at the Bloomington Normal Bass Club. Its about making our lakes and the parks that surround them better and it is paying dividends. Get involved with the Bloomington Normal Bass Club. Its a family organization where fun, fellowship and conservation are integral parts.